Casa Juliana 

Casa Rural
Casa Juliana I
2 Noches:190 €190 €
3 Noches:230 €240 €
4 Noches:270 €290 €
5 Noches:310 €345 €
6 Noches:350 €400 €
7 Noches:390 €450 €
Noche adicional:40 €50 €
Cama supletoria:10 €10 €
* Temporada Baja: Resto del año
* Temporada Alta: Julio, agosto, Semana Santa, Navidad y puentes.
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Ciudad de origen:  
GPS location:   Latitude: 42.75388 - Length: -1.10038
Street address: C/ San Saturnino, 7 - 31451 Ustés (Navarra)
Casa Juliana I


Small locality of the Valley of Salazar located close to Navascués and to the Foz of Arbaiun and in the surroundings of the Forest of Irati and of the Port of the Crowns from where you can get to the Valley of Roncal. Its church of San Saturnino is Gothic, from the first middle of the XVIII century, with big Baroque altarpiece (s. XVIII). In the chorus there are picture which imitate the Gothic tracery with beautiful ornamental effect. Regional festivals are on the last weekend of August.


* Forest of Irati
* Valley of Salazar
* Hermitage of the Virgin ofArgiloa
* Mausoleum Julián Gayarre
* Valley of Roncal
* Foz of Arbayún
* Our Lady of Muskilda
* Santa Fe de Epároz
* Valley of Aezkoa
* Peak of Ori
* Collegiate of Roncesvalles
* Larra
* Belagua
* Grainers of the Valley of Aezkoa
* Country ski tracks of Adobi


Hiking, Horseback Riding, Bike Routes, Multiadventures, Mycological flights, Watching Wildlife, etc ...

31451 - USTéS (Navarra) - 626.626.261 - 948.470.104 - -
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